Thanks to railhead Pat Lynch for a discussion of recent Dallas reporting on Arlington, Texas. Voters there gave Jerry Jones a billion dollars for his new football stadium, but they simply refuse to provide a dime for mass transit. You know what mass transit might bring to your town, don’t you? Poor people. Alas, it’s also useful for “mass transportation,” hence the name.

The Dallas paper reports on the lack of transportation options to Cowboy games.


Come Sunday, fans here will be confronted with a dizzying array of options once they arrive at Cowboys Stadium – beginning with whether to pay big bucks for a seat or spend just $29 for an all-day tailgate in the Party Zone.

But getting there won’t be easy. To reach Arlington, America’s largest city without a single bus line or passenger rail line, they can drive through some of the most heavily congested and construction-snarled roads in the region, or they can take a cab.


Arlington is planning one-day special rail service to the stadium, for the Super Bowl in 2011.