Derek Calloway Craighead sheriff

Jonesboro media, KAIT in this case, have been drawing national attention for reports on a bust of a local couple for making sex videos in public places.

Leslie Lanae Sessions, 30, of Trumann, and Derek W. Calloway, 36, were charged Friday with public display of hard-core sexual conduct, obscene films and promoting an obscene performance.


According to Jonesboro police and KAIT, Calloway recorded sex acts by Sessions in public places — a restaurant, a home improvement store, a park and the Arkansas Nature Center. The couple allegedly promoted the videos on the Internet.

Lots of questions here. Was the taping in, say, the hardware store done while others watched or were the public places identifiable only from the videos? Have you made a public display if no member of the public (except your videographer) observes it? Is it a crime to display sexual conduct on the Internet and promote it, even for sale? If so, the Jonesboro police have a lot of arresting to do. Or so I am led to understand about what’s available on the Internet.


I’m thinking there could be some constitutional issues at work here, not to mention questions about how Jonesboro cops occupy their time. The two charged are free on bond until an Aug. 29 court date.

PS: The NEA Report indicates Sessions is known on the Internet by a pseudonym The report further indicates videos at issue were set at a Home Depot and a Cheddar’s. The dogged NEA reporter did the thankless work of following up tips to locate the videos on the web and describe what they depicted. By that account, some salacious activity in the video occurred while others are nearby, but perhaps unaware of what was  transpiring, for example, beneath a restaurant table. The NEA Report included some still images from the video, suitable for most workplaces if you discount a flash of underwear on the Home Depot parking lot.